How to taste whisky, with Alex Bruce of Adelphi and Grant Harrold, ‘The Royal Butler view his Youtube channel here.

Adelphi are one of Scotland’s finest independent bottlers of single cask whisky. With importers all around the globe, the limited bottlings of whisky travels far and wide, and with it the excellent reputation of Scotland’s main export, The Water of Life, is upheld.

Four years ago Adelphi’s sister company, The Ardnamurchan Distillery was completed and the whisky being created and quietly maturing in this stunning sea-loch side distillery, promises to be a huge hit when released. 

All of the whisky for our tastings and events are provided by Adelphi and held by Alex or Charlie MacLean, and are always huge hits! 

To arrange your private masterclass, tasting distillery tour or whisky dinner, drop us a line.

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