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MacLean & Bruce is Scotland’s only luxury tourism provider with high level privileged access to the whisky industry. With author and expert ‘whisky nose’ Charles MacLean at the helm, we guide our guests through Scotland’s distilleries for private whisky tours and tastings. We combine this with luxury travel and accommodation to create the perfect Scottish experience.

Our guests expect the highest standards of service and we rise to that challenge. By drawing on our intimate knowledge of Scotland and our long-held relationships with friends and colleagues, we design a programme of world-class travel and hospitality that is uniquely their own.

It’s important to us that our guests make the most of their every moment in Scotland.

To ensure that happens our trusted chauffeurs, pilots and captains are on hand to transport them swiftly and securely around our beautiful country.

That journey might take them from historic castles in the glorious Scottish Highlands and Islands to secluded estates in the tranquil Scottish Borders and quite possibly many places in between.

An invitation to Scotland from Charles Maclean


Founded by Charles MacLean and Vikki Bruce in 2013, MacLean & Bruce offers guest access to people, places and experiences which are dependent upon personal connections forged over decades.

Charles is one of Scotland’s best-known figures, a leading global whisky expert, prolific author, and accidental film star. For guests visiting our shores to enjoy ‘the water of life’ (whisky), there is no finer guide on the subject. Charles makes introductions and opens doors throughout Scotland and its whisky industry.

What we do
Whisky Tours

With Charles MacLean, author, raconteur and renowned whisky nose at the helm, we offer our guests unrivalled access to the people, places and drams of the Scotch whisky industry.


What we do
Bespoke Itineraries

Because we understand that each guest has a different set of expectations we take the time to work closely with them in order to ensure the delivery of a memorable Scottish experience.


What we do
Food & Drink

Our personal relationships with producers and growers, restaurants and private chefs, forged over decades, are what allow us to create fantastic foodie experiences.


What we do
Travel & Accommodation

However our guests choose to spend their time in Scotland,
their security, comfort and standard of accommodation are paramount to us.


What we do

While private whisky tours are our speciality, other activities including golf, fishing, shooting, exploring historic sites, art galleries and beautiful gardens are often on our guests’ wish lists. Ever popular too are shopping for that special gift and relaxing spa visits.


What we do
Events Planning

We work closely with our clients to understand exactly how they envisage their event, so that we can deliver a truly memorable experience for them and their guests.


Start your Scottish adventure

We work closely with our guests on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience in Scotland for our clients.

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