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While whisky is our speciality, other activities such as golf, fishing and shooting, castles and gardens, art and theatre, shopping and spa are also on our guests’s wish lists.

These superb experiences can be anything from a stand-alone half day to a full trip, all created exactly to our guests’ requirements.

Experience Adventure


Whisky Tours

Few guests to Scotland leave without visiting at least one distillery and enjoying a few drams! Many of our guests come simply to enjoy the Water of Life, however most want to include other activities into their itineraries. Some guests split into two groups and enjoy different days out, coming back together in the evening for dinner.

Sporting & Golf

We use the best services and suppliers available to us to ensure that our guests enjoy the finest experiences. Many of our guests request golf, fishing and shooting, and we arrange these as well as other great fun activities. Contact us for a full list of available activity options, or challenge us to create something completely new!

Upon Request

Occasionally we have specific requests from guests who have specialist interests or reasons for visiting Scotland such as investment, technology or education, we are happy to discuss options to arrange introductions and visits for individuals and delegations.

Start your Scottish adventure

Each and every one of our itineraries is tailor made to our guests’ specifications. We work with closely with them on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience in Scotland for our clients.

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Any questions?

We are committed to offering a particularly special experience to visitors to Scotland, far from that of the average tourist. If you have any questions, ideas or special requests (even out of the ordinary!) we would love to hear them and chat.