Scotland is famous throughout the world for
producing outstanding food which is exported all over the world.

Top chefs throughout Scotland use our wonderful local produce to create spectacular dining experiences, matched with superb wines from both the Old and New Worlds. For the dedicated whisky connoisseurs, a whisky dinner is great fun.

Our great relationships with producers and growers, restaurants and private chefs are what allow us to bring together fantastic foodie experiences.

Scotland’s Larder


Home Grown

With almost 10,000km of coastline and 80,000 square km of largely unspoiled countryside to grow, catch and rear crops, seafood and animals, Scotland produces some of the best food and drink in the world.

Do it Yourself

What better than to eat what you gather? Our guests can shoot or fish, or enjoy a foraging experience in the great wild Scottish outdoors, and have our chefs prepare it for dinner. Alternatively guests can cook it themselves over fire outdoors or in the comfort of a kitchen!

Dramatic Dining

From dinner in a distillery to a barbecue on the beach, we go to extraordinary lengths to bring magical one-off dining experiences to life for our guests.

Start your Scottish adventure

Each and every one of our itineraries is tailor made to our guests’ specifications. We work with closely with them on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience in Scotland for our clients.

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Any questions?

We are committed to offering a particularly special experience to visitors to Scotland, far from that of the average tourist. If you have any questions, ideas or special requests (even out of the ordinary!) we would love to hear them and chat.